JKA/WF America Registration Process

JKA/WF America membership Passport

All JKA/WF America members that are brown belt or black belt are required to have a JKA passport. This passport lists the individual’s certifications in each area and is accepted as proof of such when the services are required in an official capacity during any JKA/WF Event.  The JKA/WF passport is mandatory for all brown and black belts and must be shown at each JKA/WF event.  All other JKA/WF America members are required to have either a passport or a membership card. Passports and membership cards can be acquired through your regional office.

JKA/WF America passport must renew every year and each JKA/WF America members who hold the passport must receive the year's renewal sticker from your regional office. (Each year the renewal sticker color will change.)

Regions Already Established With JKA/WF America

  1. Each Dojo will request application forms from their regional representative.
  2. Regional representatives will send out application forms.
  3. Each Dojo will send to their regional representative: (Do not send to JKA/WF America main office)
    • Dojo Application Form
    • Individual Application Form for each Instructor
    • List of all students with name, date of birth, gender, rank and join date.
    • All appropriate individual & dojo fees
  4. Each region will send above information to the JKA/WF America main office along with appropriate fees.
  5. Each dojo must keep record of applications for their students.

Regions Not Yet Established With JKA/WF America

  1. Dojo owners or potential regions send an email to JKA/WF main office giving a brief history about themselves and requesting application forms.
  2. JKA/WF America main office emails Dojo Application Forms and Individual Application to dojo (or potential region).
  3. Dojo (or potential region) returns Dojo Application Form for each dojo, as well as Individual Application for each instructor. Please also include copies of Dan certificates and any qualifications.
  4. JKA/WF America main office confers with the Board of Directors  then notifies dojo (or potential region) whether or not they have been accepted.
  5. If accepted, Dojo (or region) mails dojo fee for each dojo and individual fee for each individual to JKA/WF America main office. For each dojo payment a complete list of students must be attached including name, date of birth, gender, rank, and join date for each student. A cancellation fee may apply for any cancellation once payment is received. Also include all remaining individual applications and copies of dan or kyu certificates.
  6. Each dojo must keep a record of applications for their students.